Have We Got It All Wrong About Preservatives?


As the wave of natural beauty shows no signs of slowing down, the argument of natural vs synthetic ingredients continues, particularly when it comes to preservatives. Pick up any cosmetic product and you’ll see ‘paraben-free’ proudly listed on its packaging and advertising. Read More…

Sodium Laurel Sulphate


Sodium laurel sulphate

(SLS), a detergent used in personal care products including some eczema emollient creams, is a known skin irritant. It is routinely included in toothpastes and linked to mouth ulcers. Several readers have said that their ulcers healed once they used sulphate-free toothpastes. Organic brand Green People offers a range free from sulphate, fluoride and artificial sweeteners, £3.50 a tube. In the Sensodyne range, Original, £3.20, is SLS- and fluoride-free; Pronamel and Repair & Protect are sulphatefree but contain fluoride; both £4.20, boots.com. Read More…