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How Victoria Health Filled The Gap Left By Phylia De M.’s Mysterious Disappearance – By Claire McCormack

Ful.Vic.Health Trio

  • It’s a true horror when beauty enthusiasts discover a beloved beauty product ceases to exist. For retailers, impacted financially by the disappearance of a cult offering they’ve depended on for sales, a discontinuation may be even worse.

    Phylia de M.’s mysterious shuttering left Victoria Health, which had been churning through the brand’s hair loss prevention and growth items centered around fulvic acid, in a bind. But Shabir Daya, a pharmacist and co-founder of the United Kingdom-based e-commerce website, didn’t let the closure go unaddressed. He sensed an opportunity in it and took to the lab to create an updated version of Phylia de M. called Ful.Vic.Health.

    “We used the best form of fulvic acid we could get our hands on and, then, coupled that, in the case of haircare products, with things that calm down underlying inflammation,” says Daya. He details that aloe vera, vitamin B, argan, chamomile, hops and silica-loaded equisetum for strand strengthening were added to heighten the formulas. Ful.Vic.Health’s product collection contains Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Fulvic Acid Conditioner, Fulvic Acid Mist and Fulvic Acid Elixir. Read More…

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Q) I am near the end of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and my once luxuriant hair is falling out. Is there any supplement you can recommend to help? I would prefer something natural.

A) As you know, many – if not most – patients in your situation have the same dilemma of hair loss. Pharmacist Shabir Daya recommends using Connect Spray, £45 by Phylia de M every night. ‘This is a potent, organic leave-in treatment containing fulvic acid to nourish the scalp and hair, together with aloe vera and tannic acids, which calm inflammation and encourage healing and repair of the scalp. Tannic acids also help restore healthy keratin function and thus encourage the hair growth cycle. The feedback is excellent as far as hair loss and thinning hair are concerned, whether it be as a result of female hormonal imbalances or chemotherapy,’ he says. I also recommend Phylia de M’s Clean Shampoo, £28, paired with Condition, £30. Read More…