Periods – A Hot Topic

Period Products with "that time" written in red on a sanitary pad.

It seems like one of the hottest topics of last year was female menstruation. It was much discussed throughout the world and the trend looks set to continue.

But in reality will the open conversations, press coverage, documentaries and government intervention really do much to change the stigma associated with our monthly periods?

2019 saw menstruation reach giddy heights, taking centre stage at the Oscars when a group of female (obviously) filmmakers took home Best Documentary (short) entitled Period. End of Sentence, about a group of women who use a machine to make low-cost sanitary pads in a village in central India’s Hapur district. Read More…

How to Ease Post-nasal Drip


Q: I am 30 and have post-nasal drip, which makes it very hard to breathe, particularly as I am also asthmatic. I would like to feel well, especially around Christmas, but the doctor is very dismissive.

A: Pharmacist Shabir Daya has helped many people with this problem so I asked him for his advice. He explains that post-nasal drip (PND) is associated with excessive production of mucus by the respiratory tract in the nose, which then accumulates at the back of the throat or in the nasal cavity. This causes problems with breathing.

The big culprits tend to be acid-producing foods, especially dairy products, tomatoes and potatoes. So cut down on these as much as possible. Try swapping cow’s milk for almond, rice or oat milk (available from good supermarkets nationwide). Some asthmatics also find it helps to cut down on gluten too. Read More…