How To Do Blingy Festive Wear In A Non-Bling Way


Not so long ago, blingy layers of festive sparkle worn in the run up to Christmas was what ‘other’ people did. Certainly not how anyone with even a sliver of good taste might dress. And certainly not the behaviour of a discerning style maven whose look might best be described as polished but not too polished, stylish and yet not ‘victim’. Well not so in 2017 when shimmering sequins of silver, gold, green, pink, and cobalt blue- yes ,even altogether in the same outfit- are very much where it’s at this winter. And while no one wants to leave the house in a deluge of sparkly tat, this Christmas is fast shaping up to be the one where it’s perfectly acceptable – expected even – to go all out, Quality Street wrapper style, into the night.

For someone who might be described as Mrs Matt (I have never been drawn, magpie like to anything that sparkles) , I’ve already managed to acquire a twinkly silver top from Vanessa Bruno and a pair of sequin ankle boots, although admittedly these are black. But how do you pull any of this off when you’re allergic to high shine? This might sound like the biggest oxymoron but the secret to sequins this season is wearing them in a matt way. Read More…

Non-Sparkle Party Wear


Far be it for me to come across all bah humbag at this time of year but given the deluge of horrifyingly cheap lace tat and sparkle that is about to descend on a high street near you, I’m having to take pen to paper or finger to keyboard to debate what one should be wearing round about now as those stiffys pile through the door.

The truly stylish — mostly French — camp will bang on about normcore (think grey sweatshirts . . .) and how we shouldn’t be trying too hard. Call me old-fashioned but is it really a party if everyone turns up in jeans?

True, the most stylish dressers will not be channeling their inner Tinkerbell. They aim to look glamorous in a polished – but not too polished – way. They do not try to look sparkly. Ever. Because a true style maven would hate anyone to think that she has spent many, many hours trying to get her outfit right.

A quick glance at the recent Fashion Awards and you’ll know that glimpses of bare skin, sweaters worn over skirts, bare backs and off the shoulder tops and, mostly covered-up evening attire is very much where it’s at this Christmas. And if there’s one thing that will instantly update your outfit (or at least make someone smile), it’s the really silly bag worn ironically; even if their price tags don’t come with much of a sense of humour. Read More…