Yoga For Life


I am a yoga bunny from way back. (You were more likely to find 12-year-old me attempting Tree pose in my bedroom with a copy of Teach Yourself Yoga at homework time than revising logarithms, that’s for sure.) Over the years since then, the one nugget of anti-ageing advice that I give out to everyone – aside from recommending eight glasses of water a day and plenty of omega 3s – is to take up yoga. And in the hope of making yoga a little more accessible for people, I’ve just written a (mumbo-jumbo-free) how-to book, Yoga for Life, which you can now buy signed copies of via VH.

With input from yoga teachers that I admire (and a foreword from the esteemed Simon Low), the book is designed to lead readers gently by the hand through many different yoga poses that are useful and often highly enjoyable for women and men who are forty-plus. (And indeed, beginners of any age.) But while it’s certainly perfectly possible to explore the world of yoga with the help of a book – without every crossing the threshold of a yoga centre, or even a draughty village hall – as far as I’m concerned there really is nothing like a class to deepen your practice. Read More…