Gill Meets Norman Waterhouse


Heal Gel was launched by Heal Care Products in the mid noughties by five of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, and a renowned biochemist.

GS: There are many ‘doctor’ brands out there. What makes yours different?

NW: Really, we simply wanted to ensure that our patients were taking the best possible care of their skin after treatment. Many of our patients divulged that they were using products that we knew to possess only placebo value. Looking at what was then available, we identified a need that was not being met; a single effective treatment for post operative skin. We spent three years refining the formula, to address all forms of compromised skin conditions. To begin with, it was used exclusively by our patients, but we became progressively aware that it was being applied for all kinds of complaints from blemishes for teenage skin to rosacea, which as you know is often difficult to treat. Read More…