NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 5% and Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex by India Knight

    I’ve written about the sciency goodness of these two before, and I will go cross-eyed if I have to explain it in techy terms again. You can search for the relevant column if you burn with desire to know precisely why everyone became obsessed with this serum when it first came out. At this point I feel it’s more helpful to tell you that this is simply the best serum I have ever used (I use it in conjunction with the MMHC).

    The reason I think this is because it has a transformative effect on the skin within days — give it five to see a real difference in tone and texture. Now, again, you shouldn’t just buy it willy-nilly; it is specifically made to help ageing skin. Everyone’s skin is ageing, obviously, from the day they’re born (bleak thought), but this is really one for the middle-aged woman — 40-plus, I’d say. It’s not supposed to regulate oil production or the like, but I find that it makes me wake up enviably matt, as if I’d cleverly powdered my face in my sleep. Available in 1% or 5% strength — I’d go for the 5% unless you know yourself to have very sensitive skin.


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    If the front row has been looking a little more youthful than usual, it’s not due to a let-up in the Paris schedule.

    Their secret? NIOD, a technologically advanced skincare range founded by Brandon Truaxe, whose Toronto based HQ bears the legend The Abnormal Beauty Company because he refuses to pander to standard beauty-industry bullshit.

    NIOD’s growing list of devotees certainly swear there’s something abnormal about the products, which range from an unlikely looking bright-blue liquid (Copper Amino Isolate Serum) to a velvety-smooth caramel-coloured cream (Hydration Vaccine).

    It’s this last unguent that has fashion folk most excited: so smooth does it render skin that users can’t stop stroking their own faces in wonder. I’m suspicious of hype, but I’ve never heard so many fashion mavens rave so much. Even better: it isn’t stupidly pricey.


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