Is Natural Skincare Better For You?


From the natural and organic to the “non toxic” and “free from”, there are plenty of terms that describe the new wave of clean beauty brands. And they are proving incredibly popular.

In the US, NPD noted a 13 percent rise in skincare brands that have an environmental focus which promotes wellness or natural ingredients in 2017.

According to The Soil Association, 74 percent of people said they would believe a product was free from ‘nasties’ if it had organic on the label. However, there is no set definition of what makes a product natural or organic. In fact, the category has very little regulation. Read More…

A New Kind of Natural


The hippy side of me will always be for natural and organic, but when it comes to beauty, I’m afraid I’m a little superficial. I want and need products which help keep my skin youthful and smooth, my hair shiny and full of volume, plus they have to smell and feel good to use. Of all products, I’m the most hypocritical with make-up – I fall for the glossy packaging and colours way before checking organic credentials or ingredients lists.

In the past, natural meant making compromises, particularly with hair products. You simply didn’t get the glossy sheen that man made ingredients or the squeaky clean-ness we are used to that harsher foaming agents give. Now, manufacturers have more organic and natural plant extracts at their fingertips and formulations as well as results have improved. There are some great shampoos and conditioners that leave hair with a clean, light feeling that is actually more authentic looking than the over-polished ‘done’ look which I now realise some of the more hi-tech hair products leave. But that’s a matter of taste. Read More…