Multivitamins, Hospital and Shoes


My 20-year-old daughter is at university and not eating the best foods. Can you suggest a good multivitamin/mineral to send her?

Pharmacist Shabir Daya recommends Alive Once Daily Multi-vitamin Ultra Potency by Nature’s Way, a whole-food product featuring a wide range of natural ingredients to help support bones, colon, eyes, heart and immunity as well as increasing energy levels. Free from sugar, salt, yeast, wheat grain, dairy, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. £28 for 60 tablets (two months’ supply). Another good choice is My Favorite Multiple Energizer by Natrol, which provides the full recommended daily amount of 19 essential vitamins and minerals (all derived from food sources), plus energy-enhancing ingredients. It’s also free from yeast, milk, egg, artificial colours and flavours. £16.50 for 60 tablets (two months’ supply). Read More…

Are All Multivitamins The Same?


According to the latest research, large numbers of the population take some sort of a multivitamin on a daily basis. There is a great deal of discussion on the subject of whether vitamin supplementation is a good idea or even if they are necessary. There is no doubt that in general multivitamin supplementation can help to promote optimal health and support the immune system.

Are multivitamin supplements really necessary?

In my opinion, a multivitamin supplement is absolutely imperative no matter how healthy you are or even how well you eat. Our bodies require vitamins and minerals constantly to run efficiently and effectively. Most of these vitamins can be obtained from a well balanced healthy diet, however because of poor soil quality and modern farming practices, many of the nutrients are not present in the soil and hence not in the foods. Most of us also lead a hectic lifestyle which often means readily prepared meals or regular fast food meals which are often devoid of nutrients and are often laden with artery clogging oils and fats. Read More…