Top Tips For Healthy Winter Feet

Feet with red nail polish bursting through blue paper

With the sparkling joy of festive markets, New Year celebrations and Glühwein now over, it’s time to dress up in your winter coat, your fabulous scarf, pull on those wellies and embrace winter! 

Kick through fallen leaves in the park, splash through puddles and walk through the icy snow. But what does this really mean for your feet and footwear? What is lurking?

Winter months see an increase in hygiene related foot conditions, which is primarily due to us keeping our feet enclosed in socks, tights, shoes and boots giving rise to warm sweaty feet!  Feet can become soaked through from rain, slush and snow.  The skin becomes soggy and these moist conditions can give rise to fungal and bacterial infections of both the skin and nails.

Footwear can also take forever to dry out and re-wearing of damp footwear can have a knock on effect on the skin as well as ruining the shoes…

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June Newsletter


Welcome to the June newsletter where I write about a new NIOD product that had a rather unusual start to life, we say hello to The Wet Brush, OMGTEA and a few new cutting-edge supplements. We look at Psoriasis, Restless Legs and Osteopenia because they all matter; there is a pretty fabulous treat from Aromatherapy Associates (we are getting ready for the deluge!), Ameliorate and Sarah Chapman and there is a new product launch from Sarah too.

Additionally we’ll do all the news and feedback and despite me announcing that if there was one more wait list I would put myself on a one-way ticket to the moon, I still appear to be here and I’m jumping onto The Podium to talk about it. Really not loving all the delays, but here is something I do love:

Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15% (NAAP)

This is the product that we were meant to launch at the beginning of April, except very obviously we didn’t. And this is why:

Brandon and a lab sample of NAAP came to dinner; I had literally just stepped off a long-haul flight that afternoon and there was no way that I was cooking for him; it was take-away or starvation. We did the former, we ordered sushi. Fast forward: NAAP went onto my skin and within a few hours I was being violently sick, huge welts appeared all over my body and I fell into a virtual-non-conscious state of being. Brandon wasn’t sick (damn!), so it had to be the product, not the sushi; I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not launching NAAP, I would never, ever list NAAP and I was suffering a severe case of near-death-by-product. Read More…

Sweaty Feet?


Many people suffer from an overactive sweat problem which can lead to excess perspiration in any part of the body including sweaty feet. Whilst sweaty feet may not be as embarrassing as other types of sweat issues, it is nevertheless a concern that needs to be addressed because often sweaty feet can lead to foot odour and for some athlete’s foot.

A few simple steps can be taken to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating of the feet. It is recommended that you make sure that your feet are clean. It is not just a question of cleansing with soap and water. You have to ensure that you do clean the area between the toes thoroughly to remove the bacteria that live on the feet and in between the toes. It is preferable to use an antibacterial soap or shower gel rather than just an ordinary cleansing product. This ensures the reduction of bacteria which are responsible for foot odour.

Always wear clean socks. After washing your feet, leave them open for as long as possible to cool the feet down and to also ensure that they are completely dry.

Try and eat a well-balanced healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This may seem obvious to many however toxicity can arise as a result of a poor diet, lack of exercise and even constipation. Toxins in the body lead to many complications since these chemicals can be inflammatory in nature . Read More…