Beauty Resolutions


By now, most of us have blown our New Year’s Resolutions. How long did the promise to run every morning before work last, when those Arctic winds blew in? Or for that slice of a friend’s cake to blow your vow to ‘eat clean’, for 2016? Frankly, the days are so dark, the weather’s so grim and it takes so much time to ‘rev up’ after watching daytime TV for a fortnight after Christmas, at Beauty Bible we’re taking a slightly ‘kinder’ and more realistic approach to resolutions, setting targets that are realistic and more easily achieved. And what’s more, we reckon that February – when the sight of daffs peeking through the ground and the days are lengthening encouragingly – is time for the real new start.

We believe that there are small health-and-beauty shifts that will make big differences to how we look (and feel) over the coming months. So here are our recommendations – in no particular order – for simple resolutions that will genuinely, seriously improve your wellbeing and looks, over the next year. (We’d offer a money-back guarantee, if we could…!) Read More…