Making the Connection


At a retreat recently, on the second day of a no caffeine, wheat, dairy regime (not something I’m fanatical about, but I felt like giving it a go), I developed a crashing, nauseating headache which had me resting up for the next two days. Of course, caffeine withdrawal was the obvious culprit (my coffee count had been creeping up, and I’d gone cold turkey). Yet it took me straight back to the times I would suffer this type of ‘migraine’ as a child and into my 20s. The solution had always been to pop an Ibuprofen pill and wait for it to go – which it always would – until next time.

Conscious that I was there to ‘clean out’ my system, and that I hadn’t had one of these headaches for years, this time, I didn’t automatically take pain killers. Instead, I decided to rest and go ahead with an osteopathy treatment which I’d organised for later in the day. It turned out the be just the remedy. I’d always assumed osteopathy was about the mechanics and movement of the body – and true, it is about the musculoskeletal system. But I found out it is also a ‘whole body’ approach; the theory being that kinks and misalignments in our supporting structure (spine and skull) can disrupt energy flowing through the nervous system, as well as our organs and how well they function.

I don’t remember much about the 2 hour treatment, except at one point, I did feel a strange dull, achey sensation in my back. The therapist explained he was moving my right kidney away from my liver (!) – it wasn’t remotely painful but felt like a huge release. And when he started working on my head, the throbbing in my right temple went immediately. This time I felt a whoosh of emotion and tears began to flow. Again, a huge release. Later, talking through with the osteopath, it was never clearer to me how every cell, nerve, organ, muscle, and bone is connected, even down to our thoughts and emotions. Read More…