Why We’re Not Exercising To Lose Weight Anymore

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Exercising and weight loss have always been intrinsically linked for years, but new research has revealed that more and more women are working out for another reason. According to a recent poll of 2,000 gym goers, we’re hitting the treadmill to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol rather than drop the pounds.

Improving our health has officially become more important than loosening our waistbands. But, it has meant that more of us are being struck down by the next-day aches and pains, and in some cases injuries. The poll showed that women go to the gym around 15 times a month, which works out at three to four times a week. Yet, three fifths of those complained of tiredness and stiff, achy muscles after exercising. Read More…

Are You Missing Magnesium?


Many of us are deficient in magnesium, which is known as nature’s tranquilliser. Among a host of functions, including bone building, it helps to relax muscles. It’s brilliant for aches and pains of any kind, as well as restless leg syndrome. Taking magnesium orally can cause diarrhoea, but it is absorbed well through the skin. Tipping magnesium flakes or oil into your bath is ideal, but if that gives you itchy skin, spray it liberally on sore parts of your body. Try Better You Magnesium Oil Spray Sensitive (£12.20) or Original Soak (£19.95). Read More…

Cold Weather Beauty


There’s a reason they call this ‘the dead of winter’: just look at your dry, lacklustre skin, for a clue… It’s a fact: skin behaves differently, according to the seasons. In summer (with the right SPF) you can get away with skimping and still look great. But at this time of year, the plummeting thermometer can mean lizard lips, alligator elbows, chapped cheeks – and dull skin. So the cold weather watchword, regardless of skin type, is ‘more’. More moisturising, more gentle, more often.

Choose a gentle, water-soluble cleanser that’s non-irritating to skin. Balms or cleansing oils are perfect make-up-melting winter-weather skin choices. Remember: all these are best used with a muslin cloth, konjac sponge or washcloth, which you can use to rub gently at patches of dry skin, when the skin’s warm and damp. This buffing helps to remove the dead layers of skin which look matte and dull – and are the main reason skin is less vibrant-looking, at this time of year. (Just one warning: never ‘pull’ at skin flakes, or you’ll tear off skin that’s not ready to be removed yet.) Read More…