10 Of The Best Holiday Essentials


Top 10 of the best holiday essentials:

1. Compeed Blister Mixed Plasters, £4.39. From blisters to corns and cracked heels, these soothe, soften and protect.

2. Murine Refresh & Soothe Eye Mist, £9.99. Easier to apply than drops for dry, tired or itchy eyes. Read More…

Cracked Corners Around The Mouth

Lips drawn with white chalk on black board.

Cracked corners around the mouth is a more common condition than most people realise. It’s medically referred to as angular cheilitis or perleche. Angular cheilitis is an infection, bacterial or fungal, characterised by inflammation around the corners of the mouth often due to excessive licking leading to irritation. This concern is further characterised by redness and cracking of the skin around the lips. Read More…

Cold Sores



  • Lysine Lip Therape with Monolaurin (£8): A natural, nourishing treatment for dry lips with two antiviral agents (l-lysine, an amino acid, and monolaurin, from coconut) to help prevent and treat cold sores, which are caused by the Herpes simplex virus.
  • Prevasore Everyday Lip Therapy (£6.95, prevasore.co.uk): A medicated product based on white, soft paraffin to keep lips hydrated and provide a barrier against the wintry environment that can reactivate a dormant cold sore virus. It also encourages faster healing if you do get one.

Q. I have just been prescribed a course of antibiotics for the stomach infection Helicobacter pylori. This is my fifth course in 16 years and they make me feel poorly each time. Should I keep taking them and is there any alternative that would help? Read More…