Breathe Slowly Breathe Deep To Fight Fatigue


Q Like most 30-something working mums, I’m often anxious. I don’t sleep well, can’t always concentrate and yawn a lot. My GP just says I’m tired but is there something else wrong?

A As well as the demands on your time, a significant factor in your anxiety and tiredness may be over-breathing, or chronic hyperventilation syndrome (CHVS). Although your symptoms seem unrelated, they are typical of CHVS. Sufferers also report feeling bloated, experiencing dizziness and nightmares.

Respiratory physiotherapist Dinah Bradley says ‘this breathing disorder may affect as many as one in ten people. But although it’s implicated in a wide range of health problems, CHVS remains widely undiagnosed’. Respiratory expert Dr Mike Thomas of Aberdeen University says ‘the biggest problem is a lack of reliable information’, and recommends Bradley’s book Hyperventilation Syndrome (Kyle Books, £6.99). Read More…