How To Reduce A Bloated Tummy This Summer

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The swimsuit season is upon us. Which means most women’s thoughts are turning, at least a little, to how we look in cosies and bikinis. And you know what women have long told us they worry about most, in a swimsuit? Not cellulite ­– but a less-than-flat-tummy. So here’s what we’ve learned really works to help beat a bloated tummy, over our too-many-years-to-mention in the beauty and wellness world. Read More…

Why I’m Thriving Thanks To Arianna


I don’t use the word ‘life-changing’ lightly, but Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive really has transformed how I regard work, downtime – and sleep. (And don’t we all need more of that in our lives?) From the creator of Huffington Post, it’s an in-depth look at how the information age is putting us on – yes – information overload, and how we can reclaim some balance.

I realise that Arianna’s hugely wealthy (she sold her HuffPost for squillions), surrounded by a team of helpers, and no doubt always travels at the point-y end of the plane. But nevertheless, there are some seriously good ‘nuggets’ at the heart of Thrive which all of us can learn from. (Which is why I’ve started buying it in bulk and giving it to friends and colleagues – and it’s working a bit like a chain letter, frankly.) Read More…