The Ultimate Leg Guide

legs in bath

Boy, summer’s taken its time, hasn’t it? But at last, it is time to peel off some layers – and reveal the skin beneath. And – in the case of our legs – possibly shriek in horror, and retreat straight back into a pair of jeans. Not sure what it is about legs, but most emerge from winter looking like they’ve been under a stone somewhere. Hideously pale. Often dry and flaky. Definitely not worthy of a can-can, that’s for sure…

But since most of us are just longing to stow away our opaques until autumn rolls round, emergency action is required. The good news? Fortunately, there are some short-cuts to bare-able legs which can transform them fast enough for you to reach for a short dress or a pair of shorts in just an hour or two from now, without scaring the horses. (Highly relevant, in Sarah’s case.) Read More…

How To Have Lovelier Legs


Well, ‘Hi’. Hello, you pasty, maybe flabby limbs – which have probably been lurking under Wolford opaques since last autumn. It’s time to come out and play. To be shown off, in shorter skirts, Capris – maybe (if we’re really daring) shorts and a cossie.

If the thought of abandoning tights and trousers has you feeling low on the leg confidence-o-meter, though, we’re striding – literally – to the rescue. Because there are great cheats, on the leg front. And there are ways to shape up legs which don’t require a gym membership (or any great lifestyle changes, really).

Of course, genes do go some way to determining the length of your legs (the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Elle MacPherson having won the DNA lottery, on that front) – but there’s plenty those of us who are less blessed can do about their shapeliness. In fact, you can literally add some tone-up exercises to your regime right now this minute – by skipping the lift/escalator and taking the stairs. According to personal trainer Jolene Matthews, ‘Don’t underestimate this simple activity.’ She recommends ‘skipping’ steps (i.e. taking two at a time, if knees will permit) if you’re taking a dozen or so stairs; not only does this shape your legs, but your abdominal muscles and derrière. Matthews also recommends something many of us like to do without even thinking about its leg-sculpting benefits: dancing. ‘There’s a reason why dancers all have amazing legs,’ she says. ‘It’s the perfect activity. It gets your heart up and shapes the legs.’ Read More…

Summer Legs

legs in the air

Ah, summer days. How gloriously sun-drenched. How carefree. Carefree, that is, unless you have ‘leg issues’. From late September through till mid-spring, of course, anyone who feels theirs are less-than-show-offable can retreat into opaque tights, and nobody’s any the wiser. But come shorter hemlines and days when even 10 deniers are unbearable, there is literally no hiding place. And, we’re reliably informed, that moment might – just might! – finally arrive this month… Yikes.

Whatever shape or size yours come in, there are ways to make every pair of legs that bit lovelier. And however pale they are, there are not only self-tanners but leg tints which get rid of that ‘pastry’ look faster than you can say ‘fake it’. To get the most out of any of them, however, you first want to give legs some TLC – cocooning the skin so it’s velvety and smooth. Legs don’t naturally have too many sebaceous glands, so they get more papery (the skin can even ‘craze’ and crack), as we age.

It’s actually vital to keep the skin of the lower legs supple and resilient, because in old age, the skin here can take forever to heal, if damaged. An ounce of prevention, now, pays huge dividends in our dotage. Make this an excuse to indulge in a body cream that’s as rich, fragrant and sensual as you like. And if flaky shins are a problem, our friend Kathy Phillips has come devised the ultimate solution: This Works range: Skin Deep Dry Skin Leg Oil, packed with seven pure, cold-pressed plant oils including evening primrose, macadamia and coconut oil. It’s rich, it’s unctuous – and it’s miraculous, frankly. We also like Pukka Ashwagandha Tonic Massage Oil, which is great for dry, itchy skin. At a pinch? Any body oil will work wonders on shin skin, if applied lavishly and regularly. A once-a-week slurp just doesn’t cut it. Read More…