November Newsletter

Lady with face cream on her face and hands

So this is how it is. I’ve been sitting on this new product launch for so many months now, I figured self-implosion wasn’t too far away. I have been using it since I received the very first sample and all the while I’ve had to keep my mouth shut which, as most of you know, isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. I’ve avoided writing about some of the skincare products I am currently using because I would feel guilty (think I was born guilty!) by not mentioning it. So what is ‘it’. It’s Fulvic Face Cream, that’s what it is.

And so I welcome you to the November newsletter where we also launch two new products from Dermasuri, a touch of newness from LixirSkin and Shabir takes a look at the supplements you need if you are in your 30s (clearly I’m not!). Wait lists and chaos seem to have played a central role over the last few months, so discover why I’m now laughing about Prickly Pear and what happened when I lobbied, on your behalf, for the retro-return of a product. But first, of course, Fulvic Face Cream; here we go: Read More…

Christmas Gifts


Christmas, we think, is the time to give treats that people wouldn’t buy for themselves. But at Beauty Bible, we’ve long made a tradition of using the festive season as an excuse to introduce friends and family to the beauty and wellbeing treats we swear by ourselves. Because if something’s made it onto our bathroom shelves (between us, we literally receive thousands of products to try, each year) and stayed there, this is really quite significant! Bottom line: we would be happy – no, THRILLED! – to receive any of the following. Read More…

We’re Going Balmy For…


Lanolips 101 Ointment, a multipurpose balm with 101 uses from softening lips, cuticles and cracked heels to minor burns and dry nasal passages. It’s already loved by Dannii Minogue, but I can now reveal that Lanolips 101 has a new fan in the shape of English bulldog Poppy. Poppy had a dry crusty nose and nothing the vet recommended cleared it. Poppy’s owner Jeremy remembered Lanolips 101 had worked for him when he had a similar problem so he tried it on Poppy. Within a week it had cleared completely. Lanolips 101 Ointment, £11. Read More…

Gill Meets Kirsten Carriol


Since we launched Lanolips in the UK in 2010, the brand has won many awards; what has been your proudest moment?

There were two moments that really stand out – winning the UK CEW Award for Best New Brand and Best New Skincare Treatment product in 2011 was an amazing moment, it felt really like a moment of relief after seven years of hard work. I was jumping on my trampoline at midnight in Sydney!

The other proudest moment was the very first email I received from a happy customer in my country, Australia. Someone that my products had helped, when nothing else could.

Creating and launching a brand is notoriously difficult, what lessons have your learnt along the way?

Where do I start ? Seriously there are just so many. I have learnt to listen to people with experience, choose great people to have around me, make decisions more carefully, trust less, but most of all you must have such a passion for your product and love for it, because when the going gets tough (and it always does) it is the passion and love for it that pulls you through. Corny I know, but the amount of work that goes into things, you simply couldn’t do it otherwise. Read More…

Cow’s milk allergy: how to spot the symptoms


Q: My six-month-old son is permanently below par, with eczema, runny tummy (and nose), and shortness of breath. My doctor says he will grow out of it but I wonder whether he could have an allergy to something?

A: Your child may have cow’s milk allergy (CMA ), according to paediatric allergy specialist Dr Adam Fox, chair of the Allergy UK Health Advisory Board (, who is leading the campaign Act on CMA to raise awareness of the condition. ‘This often develops when milk is first introduced either in formula or at weaning, but it can also appear in exclusively breast-fed children, due to cow’s milk proteins in breast milk.’ Read More…

Nail Tips


OK, so we’re beauty editors. But it’s always been a bit of a mystery to us that our hair and skin can be strong and lustrous while our fingers – which are made of the same protein as hair (keratin) – still tend to be weak, flaky and dry. However, over our years of research, we have just about managed to find a (multi-pronged) solution – and this month, we’re sharing it with you.

We long ago decided that the reason our nails are ‘challenged’ is the tough life our hands endure – because despite our tendency-to-raggedness fingernails, our toenails are just fine, thanks. Just reflect on a day in the life of your fingernails: constantly exposed to water and paper (wetting them makes nails swell, while paper is drying, so they shrink) – a cycle that repeated enough makes them brittle and fragile. Add to that pollutants of all kinds, plus the harsh chemicals in polish and remover. Well, no wonder they show the strain… Read More…