How To Ease Aches And Pains

wooden blocks spelling posture with wooden armature

Pain is no beautifier. We furrow our brows, the light goes out of our eyes, we stoop of slouch. (And, left untended our joints may suffer irreparable damage.) At Beauty Bible, as you’ll probably know, we take a holistic approach to beauty – and so that means doing what we can to keep aches and pains, with their knock-on effect on our looks and energy levels, at bay. Read More…

Be Nice To Your Knees


Crack! Pop! Ouch! That isn’t a breakfast cereal. It’s the sound of a knee, slamming on ice. I could hardly have imagined when I took a tumble on the slopes 20 years ago that a simple skiing injury would have such long-term repercussions – but having had so many friends go through similar experiences with knee injuries of some description, I know how important ongoing knee TLC is for generally wellbeing.

A very common skiing injury, my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury needed surgery, at the time – with my surgeon warning: one in ten people who underwent the operation need a complete knee replacement, at some time. As someone who likes to stay really mobile I vowed, at that moment, not to be one of them – but it’s something which requires an ongoing effort, rather than pretending my knee’s as good as new.

Knees are hugely complicated joints, bound by an intricate system of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscle – acting as a hinge between the thigh bone, shin bones and kneecap. And whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend walker or a couch potato, it’s really important to understand how to protect knees from damage. It can be the difference between a full, active life and – well, staying on that couch. Read More…