Gill Meets Kirsten Carriol


Since we launched Lanolips in the UK in 2010, the brand has won many awards; what has been your proudest moment?

There were two moments that really stand out – winning the UK CEW Award for Best New Brand and Best New Skincare Treatment product in 2011 was an amazing moment, it felt really like a moment of relief after seven years of hard work. I was jumping on my trampoline at midnight in Sydney!

The other proudest moment was the very first email I received from a happy customer in my country, Australia. Someone that my products had helped, when nothing else could.

Creating and launching a brand is notoriously difficult, what lessons have your learnt along the way?

Where do I start ? Seriously there are just so many. I have learnt to listen to people with experience, choose great people to have around me, make decisions more carefully, trust less, but most of all you must have such a passion for your product and love for it, because when the going gets tough (and it always does) it is the passion and love for it that pulls you through. Corny I know, but the amount of work that goes into things, you simply couldn’t do it otherwise. Read More…

Lanolips – The next chapter


A movie scene from my youth that fixed in my mind was from the very first Superman epic. Clark Kent hurt his hand, and right in front of a stunned Lois Lane the wound magically healed itself, and his ‘real’ identify was exposed. What struck me about this was that skin healing itself looked so magical… but that’s really what skin actually does (granted not quite so fast).

My view is that humans are pretty incredible, complicated, powerful & perfect, just as we are.

I don’t believe we need to add and create lots of crazy new and unproven chemicals to our skin to improve it. Our skin is magical, it really DOES heal itself. The problem is not the healing process, it is giving our skin the right environment to heal and repair on its own, by itself, to make it as quick and scar less as possible. That’s what this next chapter in my brand is about. Read More…