Phylia TIP – Moisturizing Winter Skin Mask

Phylia Tip - Moisturizing Winter Skin Mask

As we move into the winter months, our skin and hair can suffer from the cold weather, freezing wind and lack of moisture in the air. We’ve come up with a way to battle the winter blues with a homemade winter skin mask made of natural ingredients that you can find in your own cabinet and a few added spritzes of our Connect formula and a dropperful of our Fulphyl.

The result is smooth, clean and happy skin! Read More…

Connect as Facial Mist & Make Up Prep


At about this time, deep in late summer, the heat and daily grime begin to take their toll on our both our hair and our faces. Skin can often become clogged, flushed, or dry in the dog days of August and early September and so we love using our bottle of Connect, as a key tool for our scalp and hair health, but also as a frequent cooling, healing mist for our dehydrated and overheated facial skin. Read More…

Spring Hair Tip



With the recent Vernal Equinox comes warmer weather, sunnier skies, bulbs bursting with tulips and daffodils and trees finally about to open new buds. For your body, this moment of the year is also an active time of renewal and growth. Winter stresses can cause scaly, overheated, undernourished skin and the driest hair of the year, which is why it’s important to take stock of the your body’s current state and take the time to nourish and relax.

Now is the time for renewal, be it through internal cleanses, experimenting with new forms of exercise and meditation, or just finding the hours to pamper yourself a little bit extra at home. It is also time to take a close look at your hair and skin and see exactly what it might need, as the weather and our lifestyles, change with the season. Read More…

Fulvic Acid and Livestock Health


Our line utilizes fulvic acid for both hair and skin health and our drinkable Fulphyl fulvic acid formula works from within to heal and renew. We’re constantly amazed by the new information we discover about this miraculous compound. Fulvic acid contains an incredible array of free-radical scavengers, antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes. It is a cell renewer and detoxifier, it helps to strengthen immune systems and balance and restore the body.We know that it is potent remedy not just for our own bodies, but for the soil, plants and animals as well.

Fulvic acid, it seems, is a healer of all living things.

To learn more about this compound, we culled information from various agricultural and animal husbandry studies which further confirm fulvic acid’s potency. In one detailed case study conducted in the Japan, Mr. Tokioka, a poultry farmer with 30 infertile hens, fed his chickens a rice bran mixture fermented with fulvic acid formula. Read More…

Debunking Hair Myths #1


Okay! We are ready to dig in, do our research and set the record straight!

These days there are just far too many myths and rumors about hair care, all floating around in cyberspace, a whole lot of, “do this” and “do not do that”, making it very, very difficult to define the fact from the fiction. To tackle this problem, we’re going to start regular addressing MYTHS on our blog – all the untruths – revealed.

For this first post, we want to start with biggest and most obvious hair care myth, Read More…

Kazu Namise’s Los Angeles


Although I grew up in LA, I don’t think I ever thought too much about my love for this city until I was in my early 20s! Spending much of my youth plotting my departure, I left to Washington DC for university and also spent a year living in NY. But LA called me back. It is very much home for me now, the place I live and love! Less like a city and more like a collection of sweet little pockets, much of LA’s best has to be found, or shared! And so here are my tried and true that hopefully you will love too!

Let’s start with Shopping (!):

Satine Boutique – the best and most unique of the collections from European, Japanese, and American designers. Owners Jeannie Lee and Virginia Pereira definitely know how to put everything together. Mixed with cute little odds and ends from all over the globe, Satine is my favorite & fun destination shop for my girlie place of fashion dreams. A whole lot of window shopping going on here. Read More…