This is my favourite time of year, when Mother Nature wakes from the long, deep sleep of winter. The branches of trees are dusted with fresh new green, and the woods are alive with the gentle colours of primroses and bluebells.

There is something so optimistic about the coming of the light, and the understanding that life always, always emerges from darkness. I am (you might have guessed) a passionate gardener, constantly amazed that a few bulbs planted in a pot should bring such beauty. A little love and attention is rewarded with extraordinary generosity.

I wish the same could be said of people, as much as I love them. And I do love them. I believe that we are all essentially good (I am as passionate an optimist as I am a gardener) but across the seasons that essential goodness is layered with shades of darkness. Read More…

Searching for Stillness


How many times do you hear friends and colleagues saying ‘I’m so busy’ followed in the next breath with ‘I need to switch off’. Or words to that effect. Maybe it’s that life seems to be speeding up. Certainly, we’re multi-tasking and switched on 24/7 more than ever – meaning we are naturally craving peace and quiet.

In the past, that would mean a taking a beach holiday and relaxing for a couple of weeks (if we were lucky), but now that just doesn’t seem enough. For one thing, how many of us take that amount of time off in one go these days? And, somehow lying on a beach no matter how turquoise the sea, white the sand and soft and fluffy the white towels, we’re still distracted by Facebook and emails, Tweeting and Instagram-ing the gorgeous salad we’ve just had for lunch at the chic beach shack. Read More…