March Newsletter


Welcome to the March newsletter where we launch three new products from The Ordinary (please let there be enough for everybody!), there is a new launch from Sarah Chapman, we introduce you to Conscious Water and we take a look at several common health concerns. We also cover off the ongoing news about Vitamin D and there is a treat from Phylia, so together with all the usual news and updates, here is another fully loaded newsletter and somewhere amongst all of this I have a miniature rant and additionally I jump onto The Podium for a moment or two; let’s do it:

The Ordinary: The Acids

We continue The Ordinary journey with the release of three new products, two of which will be arriving at the end of this week, all things being equal, and the third will follow a while after – start getting excited! They are Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution and Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (this is the third product referred to above). There is no preamble from me, I am going straight into the descriptions of each of the products, with a little help from Brandon; all I ask is that you read about and use these products very carefully because the formulations are incredibly powerful: Read More…

February Newsletter


Welcome to the February newsletter where we release more new products from Inhibitif and The Ordinary, there are also launches from iS Clinical and Sarah Chapman and we reveal the next supplement in the amazing Florassist collection. We will also be taking a look at gut health, there is a section on eye health and then we do news and feedback where I have a few things to talk to you about. On with it:


We launched the third generation of Inhibitif on the January newsletter. Because these products are specifically focused on reducing the apparent quality, thickness, density and speed of unwanted hair regrowth, we knew that a range of products formulated to help minimise the need for frequent hair removal and the recurrence of ingrown hair would be important. Unwanted facial and body hair is a massive concern for so many, so two things here. The first is an email I received, which I am replicating in full, which really says it all and I have nothing to add; underneath I will write about a new addition to the Inhibitif range. When I wrote about this on the most recent Addicts Bulletin, the orders started flooding in, so let’s go: Read More…

January Newsletter


Hello and welcome to the January newsletter; we start the year with some new and exciting news from DECIEM in the shape of three rather fabulous products; we have new product launches from Aurelia, Viridian and Ojamin (which some of us have been secretly drinking over the past few weeks). We are also going to throw the focus on some health concerns, there is a new product for the insomniacs amongst us and in an ongoing series, I announce the death of a product. We will also be doing news and updates on The Ordinary and NIOD, so let’s go: Read More…