Trinny & Shabir Live On Immunity

Trinny & Shabir on Immunity

Currently there is a lot of confusion as to how we can all keep our immune system healthy and primed.  But what exactly is our immune system?

The immune system, unlike any other bodily system, comprises of a complex series of interactions between various glands, such as the thymus gland and tonsils, proteins, chemical compounds, hormones, white blood cells and probiotics that all work in synergy to try and make our bodies less susceptible to infections. Many of these chemical compounds require nutrients in order to work effectively, for example a deficiency in vitamin D3 may result in dormancy of white blood cells which are normally required to engulf and eradicate bacteria and viruses that enter the bloodstream. Read More…

Shabir And Trinny On The Lymphatic System

Shabir and Trinny

With the weather finally feeling like winter and the festive season just about to start, more of us are looking to boost our immune system and fend off infections. The lymphatic system is often associated with dry body brushing and cellulite, but it is very important when it comes to fighting off infections and viruses. Shabir explains why it’s essential that we all look after and support our lymphatic system… Read More…

Boost Your Immune System


A reader whose 23-year-old daughter has glandular fever asks if there are any supplements to help her ‘awful fatigue levels and low mental state’. Pharmacist Shabir Daya, who had this viral illness some years ago, advises vitamin D3 to help support her immune system. He also recommends Spiru-Tein, a food supplement that combines three types of protein with vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. (This helped a friend with viral pneumonia.) D Lux 3000 Spray by Better You, £7.95 for 15ml, and Spiru-Tein by Natures Plus, £22.15 for 544g, from


Swapping from a City job in investment banking to training as a breastfeeding counsellor wasn’t an obvious career change for Louisa van den Bergh, but it has proved highly fulfilling. ‘I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do.’

The impetus came after the births of her two sons, Arthur and Toby. ‘As one of the first of my friends to have children, I was often asked for advice – sometimes I didn’t have the answers and that inspired me to go back to university.’ Read More…