The 25 best hair tips ever


When it comes to hair tips, I’m a sponge. Which has been very useful, over the years, spending time in the (salon) chair with some of the greatest names in hairdressing, from John Frieda to Nicky Clarke, Frederic Fekkai to Philip B., Charles Worthington to Adam Reed (of Percy &…) My aim, always, in whatever I do, is to walk away from any encounter with at least one invaluable nugget of info that I can use in life, moving forward – so here, I’d like to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I hope will help ensure every day is a Good Hair Day, from now on. Read More…

Lip Service


Women eat, chew and lick our way through the equivalent of as many as four lipsticks, in a lifetime. (Or two tubes a year – depending on which expert we’re talking to.) So not surprisingly, at Beauty Bible we’ve always been rather keen that lip products should be good enough to eat.

Because of course while the debate rages about exactly how much of a body moisturiser or a skin toner is absorbed into the skin, there is no debate about where your lip products are ending up. The same place as your breakfast, lunch and dinner, basically. ‘Conventional’ lipsticks may contain paraffin, saccharine, mineral oil and synthetic colours, as well as fragrance – think: that nostalgic ‘mummy’s lipstick’ smell – which can be very drying to the lips. Read More…

Natural Help For Haywire Hormones


Q: At 43, I have night sweats before my period, insomnia a day or two before, and I’m so restless my husband moves to the sofa. Can you suggest any supplements or other natural remedies?

A: ‘The first step is to get a diagnosis,’ says consultant gynaecologist Michael Dooley. ‘Your symptoms could be due to several causes or a mixture.’ So do book in with your GP for tests (see below) and meanwhile try these simple shifts.

Keep a diary or follow a (free) period tracker app (eg Period Tracker Lite): this gives invaluable information for your doctor and helps you feel in control. Read More…