Confessions Of A VH Addict


Addiction is in my blood, but in a family of junkies I was the one without a habit. Daddy gave up dialysis to spend more time in the pub. Mummy is hooked on smoking, shopping and risking skin cancer in the sun. My brother took the conventional route with sex, drugs, and suicide. ‘Drugs,’ as Dr Dex is fond of saying, ‘are only a problem when you stop taking them.’ Despite having diplomatic immunity at High School, I was never into angel dust and downed water before it was fashionable. ‘Never get high on your own supply,’ as Michelle Pfeiffer warns in Scarface. It wasn’t until my supply was cut off that I realised I was an addict. Read More…

Gill meets Brandon Truaxe – Again!


With four products now launched, CAIS, MMHC, Photography Fluid and Lip Bio-Lip Concentrate, the NIOD journey enters its second phase. We have three new products launching this month, so let’s start with Hydration Vaccine (HV). Please explain the product, what it does and when we should be using it?

Water is like oxygen; very little desire for it exists until it’s absent and then it becomes the only priority in mind. I am very much against most products that mention the word “hydration” for the very reason that they suggest to “hydrate” the skin, which generally means increase the water content within skin cells. First, most hydrating products are mainly using oils to provide this “hydration” so I am not sure where water comes into play. Second, the water content of topical products usually evaporates on the surface – otherwise we would just hydrate our skin by sitting in the bathtub. Third, because the skin repels water (and actually attracts oils, counter intuitively) the skin will likely repel anything that claims to deliver skin hydration (meaning water) topically. And fourth, because the part of the skin that matters most is made up of live cells that generally are very happily filled with a lot of water and do not need “hydration”. These reasons are why DECIEM brands do not offer typical moisturizing products. Read More…