How To Find The Perfect Foundation

foundation on black and white stripes

Foundation can be the best friend in your make-up bag – or your face’s foe. Quite simply, that’s the difference between ‘getting it right’ – in which case, your skin will simply look like a beautifully enhanced version of its natural self – and getting it wrong. Which could mean: foundation that’s basically wearing you (rather than the other way round – usually because you’ve got the shade wrong), or which cakes, or simply disappears by elevenses.


We know plenty of women who can get away without foundation. Mostly, they’re under the age of 30. Beyond that, foundation can make a huge difference: it’s a brilliant canvas for other products, and it evens out imperfections. As our make-up artist friend Trish McEvoy once told us: ‘As we get older, we lose evenness (principally due to cumulative sun damage), clarity, colour and definition. That’s the difference between a young face and an older one. Your aim should be to recreate these as naturally as possible.’   Read More…

Foundation Masterclass


Nobody minds being complimented on a lipstick. But you never want to hear the words ‘I love your foundation’… Base is meant to camouflage flaws – yet disappear like magic into the skin. Getting it right is a major beauty challenge. (Which is why bathroom cabinets are cluttered with bottles, jars and tubes of foundation that aren’t quite right – but it seems too extravagant to throw away…) So here are the ultimate secrets on choosing, applying and wearing face base. Flawlessly.

The right foundation takes just moments to apply – but (sometimes) hours to track down, in the perfect shade. We are huge fans of foundation, believing that base – plus mascara and blusher – are the true make-up must-haves, especially as we age and skin and tone becomes more uneven. (AND As Trish McEvoy observes: ‘if you’re looking for one product that makes a difference to older faces, it’s foundation.’) Read More…