How To Recognise Lyme Disease


Q: I am 51 and used to be very active in my job as a country ranger. Recently, however, I feel very tired, my lower body aches, and my legs feel weak. Someone suggested this could be lyme disease. Could you explain what this is, and the treatment?

A: Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread through tick bites. The pinhead-sized ticks are common in the northern hemisphere, in gardens, woods, moors and parks, both country and town. They also settle on animals, such as deer, horses, dogs, sheep and cows. In the UK, they are mostly active from April to October. However, not all ticks carry lyme disease, and infection rates in tick populations vary by species and geographic areas.

Lyme disease causes a wide range of symptoms, according to the campaigning support group Lyme Disease Action. Early signs, within two to 30 days of a bite, may include a circular red ‘bull’s-eye’ rash at the site, facial palsy and flu-like symptoms (such as fatigue, fever, headaches anda stiff neck). Other symptoms, usually of more advanced, untreated disease, include muscle and joint pain, and disturbances of coordination, hearing, sight, digestive system and sleep. The illness may lead to heart problems or disturb the central nervous system. Read More…

Gill Meets Norman Waterhouse


Heal Gel was launched by Heal Care Products in the mid noughties by five of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, and a renowned biochemist.

GS: There are many ‘doctor’ brands out there. What makes yours different?

NW: Really, we simply wanted to ensure that our patients were taking the best possible care of their skin after treatment. Many of our patients divulged that they were using products that we knew to possess only placebo value. Looking at what was then available, we identified a need that was not being met; a single effective treatment for post operative skin. We spent three years refining the formula, to address all forms of compromised skin conditions. To begin with, it was used exclusively by our patients, but we became progressively aware that it was being applied for all kinds of complaints from blemishes for teenage skin to rosacea, which as you know is often difficult to treat. Read More…