Is There Any Merit To Reverse Washing?

Reverse Washing

Shampoo and condition is the two-step hair care routine that has been ingrained in most of us since we were children. There is a small movement encouraging us to rethink our approach though. Advocates of reverse washing suggest that conditioning your hair before shampooing could be the key to attaining that soft, bouncy, healthy mane of hair usually associated with a trip to the salon. Read More…

The Salon – At Home


Which is more important: eating well – or keeping up your beauty salon regime? Most of us will find a way of juggling both, but with a little savvy it’s possible to extend the gap between salon appointments, turbo-charging the life of your manicure/pedicure, hair cut and colour. So do try these at home!

Want to postpone your haircolur session? Colour upkeep can be crippling, compared to haircuts, so…

  • … First of all, try persuading your stylist to tell you which shade he or she uses, and find out if it’s available for home use. (Some are.) If you twist their arm, occasionally a colourist you know well can be persuaded to sell you a box. And if you don’t ask… If not, check out semi-permanent shades which are as close as possible to the shade your colourist uses. (Don’t try permanent colour at home if you usually go to a salon – these are the most challenging of haircolourants, and the most likely to end in tears if you’re not used to them.).
  • Wash and condition colour-treated hair with a ‘colour’ shampoo and conditioner, as these really do work to keep the colour fresher for longer.
  • Rather than go for a full dye job to cover a few grey hairs, we’re hugely impressed by Color Wow Root Cover Up, the first product John Frieda and Gail Federici have launched together since John’s own range. It’s a sexy-looking compact with a brush and a mirror, featuring a mineral powder compound which you stroke onto roots using the special brush to cover up grey instantly – and it literally lasts till you wash it out again. Could not be simpler.
  • Use a ‘heat-protective’ spray on your hair if you use straightening irons, to avoid lifting the colour from hair. Read More…

The 25 best hair tips ever


When it comes to hair tips, I’m a sponge. Which has been very useful, over the years, spending time in the (salon) chair with some of the greatest names in hairdressing, from John Frieda to Nicky Clarke, Frederic Fekkai to Philip B., Charles Worthington to Adam Reed (of Percy &…) My aim, always, in whatever I do, is to walk away from any encounter with at least one invaluable nugget of info that I can use in life, moving forward – so here, I’d like to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I hope will help ensure every day is a Good Hair Day, from now on. Read More…

Hair No More


Yikes. If you’ve just looked at your legs/bikini line lately only to discover they’re basically thatched, you’re not alone. This year’s rubbish weather (I can’t be the only person to have had an oil-filled radiator switched on in June) has meant that many of us have clung to our opaques for way longer than usual. Only now the bikini/shorts/summer hol season is truly upon us – and a woman’s thoughts turn to… Hair removal!

Most of us dream of having legs smooth as Yul Brynner’s pate, upper lips as down-free as a baby’s, and of underarms that don’t look like a hedgehog after twenty-four hours. (And most of us live in fear of a Julia Roberts moment, with underarm tufts emerging from a glamorous frock…) Which is why, according to research, women spend up to £30,000 in a lifetime banishing unwanted hair!

Trouble is, from that fatal moment we reach for the tweezers, the razor or strip wax, there’s no turning back. Once that ‘baby down’ has gone, we are faced with the daily equivalent of lawn-mowing. The Egyptians sugared it, of course. The Romans and Greeks plucked it. And classical painters simply pretended it didn’t exist. (You think that Veet was around in Goya’s day?) But the good news for all of us is that boffins and chemists who would probably qualify to work on the space shuttle have instead been applying their grey cells to fighting the fuzz. (This work may not win them the Nobel Prize – but it will earn the undying support of women seeking a lazier, more effective and more elegant route to smoothness.) Read More…

Beauty Short-Cuts For Hair

July Beauty Bible

At this time of year, who has time for high-maintenance pampering? We’d certainly rather be outdoors, enjoying the beach/barbecue/our begonias, or just watching the sun go down. And at Beauty Bible we’ve a hunch what we all want – fixes that make us look fantastic – fast.

So this edition, we’re going to let you in on the secret of making your hair look fab, in a flash. So: here are our best beauty cheats and short-cuts – so you can spend less time on getting gorgeous, more time on making the most of summer, while the sun shines. (Trust us: there’ll be plenty of time for long, languid beauty rituals in a locked bathroom, when the clocks go back again…)

And watch this space on VH for how to perform speedy miracles on face and body, next month…


Slather on conditioner, in the sun. This does double-duty: it protects your hair from the ravages of salt water and chlorine, and if you rinse your hair thoroughly when you get back from the beach, you shouldn’t need to shampoo and condition it from scratch. Ideally, wet your hair first, then slather on a rich conditioner or a hair mask, and comb through. Read More…

Great Hair Secrets


Really, it’s a wonder that we all manage Good Hair Days at all when you think of the number of factors that can affect hair health – from eating poorly, sleeping badly, and not drinking enough water (Beauty Bible’s eternal look-good mantra!), to hormonal imbalances. At this end of winter, too, hair can be parched and dried-out simply from having had the heating whacked up for what feels like way too many months now…

But the only option is not a paper bag: there’s an enormous amount that we can all do to boost hair health, year-round – and we’re not talking about wonder products you can apply: lifestyle and diet can have a much bigger impact than you’d imagine.

Of course by the time it becomes visible, hair’s actually ‘dead’. Which is why it’s so important to keep the scalp – where the hair is still alive and kicking, within the follicle – in good nick. So: what can we do to keep hair and scalp in peak condition? First of all, feed your follicles. Hair is made of a protein called keratin (the same as nails and skin), and protein – not surprisingly – needs to be nourished by a protein-rich diet, plus plenty of vitamins and minerals. That doesn’t mean a diet of huge steaks every day (though a little lean red meat, twice a week, is good for iron levels – which also help hair). But it does mean eating a good helping of protein daily. Read More…