How ‘Well’ Is Your Hair?


According to 2020 trend reports, hair ‘wellness’ is the next big thing we need to be aware of. Just like skin can reflect how healthy your insides are, so too can hair and is why more and more supplements and personalised haircare routines that focus specifically on hair nutrition are popping up. “Brands and indeed consumers are making the connection between digestive health, stress, hormonal balance and nutrition and health and beauty,” explains Lucie Greene, founder of trends agency, Light Years. “Beyond loss, hair health in general is something consumers will invest in correcting.” Read More…

Not So Mad March Hair


Glossy. Shiny. Swingy. Those are the hair watchwords on our beauty wishlist, but honestly, at this time of year…? The drying effects of the tail end of winter, with central heating and the tangle factor of windy walks (not to mention the dreaded ‘hat hair’ phenomenon) takes its toll. And frizzy, dry, lacklustre hair – with or without tell-tale roots – can be closer to daily reality.

Masks and intensive conditioning treatments, though, can make a huge difference. The watchwords are: ‘more product, more often, for more time.’ Ideally at this time of year, at least once a week you’ll slather on a mask and leave it on for as long as possible. Try wrapping in Clingfilm, and gently warming with a hairdrier, for deeper penetration. At the very least, wrap hair in a warm towel, carefully turban-ed in place. If you do leave on a product overnight, you can simply rinse in the shower next day. (But be sure to protect your pillow, if you’re sleeping in the mask.) Read More…

The 25 best hair tips ever


When it comes to hair tips, I’m a sponge. Which has been very useful, over the years, spending time in the (salon) chair with some of the greatest names in hairdressing, from John Frieda to Nicky Clarke, Frederic Fekkai to Philip B., Charles Worthington to Adam Reed (of Percy &…) My aim, always, in whatever I do, is to walk away from any encounter with at least one invaluable nugget of info that I can use in life, moving forward – so here, I’d like to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I hope will help ensure every day is a Good Hair Day, from now on. Read More…