Not So Mad March Hair


Glossy. Shiny. Swingy. Those are the hair watchwords on our beauty wishlist, but honestly, at this time of year…? The drying effects of the tail end of winter, with central heating and the tangle factor of windy walks (not to mention the dreaded ‘hat hair’ phenomenon) takes its toll. And frizzy, dry, lacklustre hair – with or without tell-tale roots – can be closer to daily reality.

Masks and intensive conditioning treatments, though, can make a huge difference. The watchwords are: ‘more product, more often, for more time.’ Ideally at this time of year, at least once a week you’ll slather on a mask and leave it on for as long as possible. Try wrapping in Clingfilm, and gently warming with a hairdrier, for deeper penetration. At the very least, wrap hair in a warm towel, carefully turban-ed in place. If you do leave on a product overnight, you can simply rinse in the shower next day. (But be sure to protect your pillow, if you’re sleeping in the mask.) Read More…

Gill Meets Ken Paves


You are arguably the most recognisable hair stylist in America; Oprah Winfrey has called you the ‘big Kahuna of Hollywood hair’. How did your journey begin?

I used to love working on my Mother and always wanted her to feel beautiful about herself – I realised I had a gift and wanted to do it for other people, too. I grew up in Michigan before, with the full support of my parents, going on to work for Oribe in Miami – I was earning $75 a week and working every single moment. But I loved it. I then went on to work in New York – firstly, in the fashion world, which led on to working with celebrities. I knew with hard work and passion that I could work successfully in the job I love.

On from that, you are dubbed by the media as ‘the hottest hairdresser in Hollywood’ and are Creative Consultant to Color Wow. Can you tell me a little about your role.

I’ve known John (Frieda) and Gail (Federici) for a number of years and they sent me the products to try. I happened to be travelling in Asia with Victoria and her team at the time and everyone was – literally – wow’d! These are incredible products and, when Gail asked if I might work with them as an ambassador, I was honoured. Read More…