May Newsletter


Welcome to the May newsletter where we launch a new skincare brand, NIOD, to the world, which kind of changes everything, including my skin; we take a look at some new eye products, an Italian wellbeing range that is so deeply sensual it makes my heart flip and we throw the focus once again on our hair with the introduction of a new product, feedback and a celebration. We drill down on several health concerns, including hay fever and benign prostate enlargement and at this point let me say that there are several treats throughout the newsletter, so please read carefully as we share some of the products we love with you.

Before anything, as some of you realised, the monthly Addicts Bulletin got sent out to our entire database in error; I really don’t know what to say other than I knew within a split second that something had gone very wrong, I screamed loudly and then held my head in my hands as bedlam reigned for two entire days. Read More…