Give Yourself A Make-Up Holiday


I have a friend – she’d better remain nameless – whose husband has never seen her without make-up. I kid you not. To preserve the ‘illusion’, she goes to bed in her make-up (heaven knows why she has such an undeservedly beautiful complexion), sneaks out of bed before him in the morning, cleanses – and judiciously reapplies her ‘face’.

To me, this is somewhat akin to lying about your age, then going to great lengths never to let your spouse see your passport. Surely the whole point of unconditional love – family, friends, life partners – is that they do just love you, warts and all. (Or in the case of my somewhat fragile English rose skin, red veins and all.)

Luckily, my friend’s husband is a late sleeper and she’s a lark, which enables her to maintain the ‘illusion’. But what happens if she’s one day taken ill, and he’s confronted with her make-up-free face staring wanly at him from a hospital bed…? He might a) be horrified at the lengths she’s gone to. Or b) not give a damn. I’m convinced my friend’s husband would be just as adoring if he saw her in the naked facial flesh, but she’s not so confident – and no amount of encouragement from me has ever persuaded her otherwise. Read More…