Good-for-you Christmas gifts


Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs, £9.95, Dog-owning colleagues woofed with delight at these hand-baked treats. Also, Fabulously Festive Christmas Biscuits, £2.99, and Three Bird Feast, £2.49.

Beauty Kitchen Create Your Own Lip Balms, £15, and Bath bombs, £20, From a tiny Glasgow-based company, these charming DIY natural beauty kits offer hours of fragrant fun for all ages.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels, £28, Three favourite Bath & Shower Oil blends – Relax Deep, De-Stress Mind and Revive Morning – in this special Christmas box.

Cuski and Mini Swandoodles Set, £34.98, Adorable new Mint & Grey Fabby Cuski from a wide range of baby comforters with matching Mini Swandoodles multi-use muslins. Read More…

Lanolips – The next chapter


A movie scene from my youth that fixed in my mind was from the very first Superman epic. Clark Kent hurt his hand, and right in front of a stunned Lois Lane the wound magically healed itself, and his ‘real’ identify was exposed. What struck me about this was that skin healing itself looked so magical… but that’s really what skin actually does (granted not quite so fast).

My view is that humans are pretty incredible, complicated, powerful & perfect, just as we are.

I don’t believe we need to add and create lots of crazy new and unproven chemicals to our skin to improve it. Our skin is magical, it really DOES heal itself. The problem is not the healing process, it is giving our skin the right environment to heal and repair on its own, by itself, to make it as quick and scar less as possible. That’s what this next chapter in my brand is about. Read More…