Strategies To Promote Healthy & Flexible Joints


Every mechanical object has a weak link, the one area that wears out over time and causes the mechanism to be prone to breakage. An analogy can be made that in the human body, our joints and the surrounding soft tissues are our weakest link. Indeed this breakdown affects millions of people worldwide suffering arthritic symptoms, whether due to age or the toll that sport can take on joint health. Our knees, ankles, elbows and wrists are the most common affected sites of pain. If our joints are the weakest link, then it is vital that we take control to ensure that they are flexible by introducing several strategies outlined below.

How exercise can improve joint health

Regardless of whether one suffers from arthritis or problematic joints, exercise plays an important role in promoting flexible joints with less pain. It is simply a myth that you can wear down your knees just from average levels of exercise and indeed the reverse is true. Inactivity causes your muscles to become weaker and works against joint flexibility and comfort. Read More…