Confessions Of A VH Addict


Addiction is in my blood, but in a family of junkies I was the one without a habit. Daddy gave up dialysis to spend more time in the pub. Mummy is hooked on smoking, shopping and risking skin cancer in the sun. My brother took the conventional route with sex, drugs, and suicide. ‘Drugs,’ as Dr Dex is fond of saying, ‘are only a problem when you stop taking them.’ Despite having diplomatic immunity at High School, I was never into angel dust and downed water before it was fashionable. ‘Never get high on your own supply,’ as Michelle Pfeiffer warns in Scarface. It wasn’t until my supply was cut off that I realised I was an addict. Read More…

Fast Fixes For Winter Skin


This is a time of year when skin can look a tad washed out and you feel all ‘blah’. So we thought this month we would share with you some of our top tips for instant sparkle – and beyond that, some of our favourite quick-fix products.

  • Start by breathing – it’s the foundation of everything. It calms you down, peps you up – oh, and keeps you living. So if you want to be more alive, practice this simple, quick technique at least twice a day for five cycles – more is better. Unfold your arms and legs, sit, lie or stand loosely and close your eyes (if possible). With your tongue just behind your top teeth, inhale to a count of four down to your belly, hold for seven (without letting your shoulders rise), exhale through rounded lips for eight. Brilliant for stress control (and one of the basics of Tantric sex, you might also like to know!)
  • If you can, go for a 20-minute walk in the fresh air. If you’re stuck indoors, march on the spot, arms swinging, knees coming up, then speed up and downstairs. Try jumping up and down – or even some star jumps…

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October Newsletter


Welcome to the October newsletter where for the second month running we globally launch a new brand; the brand is Stemm, it is another concept from DECIEM, it is another journey and once again it changes everything. We also launch the third yešti product within NIOD and we do an update on The Ordinary. We take another look at Psychobiotics with the launch of an exciting new supplement and there is news of a product death, well it is really a semi-death and I think it will surprise many of you. Also on this newsletter, a new product launch from Sarah Chapman, it comes with a gift, but for now let’s do Stemm:


Three products. Three products that will change everything again. In concept Stemm carries the same message as NIOD, it is extraordinary and extraordinary is rather rare. As with NIOD, Stemm launches on a health platform and as with NIOD the Stemm experience may leave you pretty astounded because all three products are completely sensational and I actually cannot and will not live without them. Together with Brandon, I write and give you the Stemm Collection: Read More…

Lunar Beauty


At Beauty Bible, it’s always rather made sense to us that the phases of the moon could influence our beauty regimes. Frankly, anything which has the power to move tides on the seashore must surely have a pull on our bodies. (And if you’ve ever tossed and turned, struggling to sleep – only to discover next day that it was full moon – you probably agree.)

Certainly, several leading natural beauty companies – including Weleda and Dr. Hauschka, whose ranges you can find here on VH – also proclaim the importance of carefully choosing when to plant, grow, harvest and blend ingredients for the products they make. For centuries – millennia, probably – farmers planted their crops in tune with the moon’s phases, and its powers have been recognised in ‘biodynamic’ agriculture since the late 1800s, when someone put that name on it. Read More…

Flavanone Mud



    Glorious MUD
    It’s come a long way since the humble Boots sachet, says India Knight

    I have written about Niod before – its Copper Amino Isolate Serum is the single most effective thing I put on my skin (go to and get the 5% – it’s come along since the 1% I initially wrote about, and you don’t have to keep it in the fridge). The second most effective thing I put on my skin is the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (which goes after the serum). My bathroom is like a beauty hall, but these are the two products I would never be without. They’re unsexy and have boring names, and they come in functional little brown glass bottles, but they make a phenomenal difference to the appearance and feel of my skin. I rarely wear foundation these days, and these are why.

    The Niod range now includes a mud. I love mud. When i was 15, we used to get mud facepack sachets from Boots and whack them on before going out, because they dried up any teenage grease, tightened everything up for a bit and gave you a temporary glow. That glow, and all mud-derived glows, is because muds are very slightly irritant. Niod’s mud is supermud, and isn’t irritating. It does all the stuff normal mud does, which is to get rid of surface impurities – oil, pollution, grease, traces of old make-up. So far, so Boots sachet, except that this mud a) is red and b) has a fantastic sonsistency that goes on very thinly. Leave for 10 minutes, rinse it off and you have hyper-clean, glowing skin. Read More…

Flavanone Mud


  • ‘Flavanone Mud’ for ‘NIOD': Deciem create skincare for the hyper-educated

    Deciem, which is perhaps best known for living true to its slogan, ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’, does everything other beauty companies don’t do. Founded by Brandon Truaxe in 2013 – with products including the ‘HIF’ haircare range impatiently waiting to be born – its latest addition comes in the form of ‘NIOD’, the name short for ‘Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science’.

    With growing anticipation (and waiting lists), NIOD recently introduced a new offering to its ever-growing product line-up. ‘Flavanone Mud’ is a fresh take on the face masque.

    This three-phase rinse-off dermal congestion system was cleverly designed to respect dermal integrity by neither disrupting the skin surface equilibrium nor its density; a side-effect conventional masques can produce due to the use of aggressive clays, acids and exfoliation mechanisms, all of which ‘Flavanone Mud’ avoids completely.

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