Victoria Meets Denise Leicester


Healing is one of those words that either piques your interest or instantly turns you off. Over the past few years, more of us have become more attuned to the idea that there is more than scientifically proven remedies to help boost our overall wellbeing. Cupping and Reiki have become commonplace and we all know someone who bathes their crystals outside under a full moon.

One woman who has been championing the benefits of healing for years is Denise Leicester. For fans of Ila Spa, Denise needs no introduction, but those who haven’t heard of her before have come along at just the right time as her latest brand, ilapothecary is focused solely on helping you to de-stress and relax – whether you’re into healing or not.

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Facial Healing

face acupuncture

I used to think that a facial was simply a superficial treatment – something which ‘fixes’ our skin. And I’ve experienced the benefits in that way via various methods of gentle peels, light therapies, electro muscle stimulating machines. To varying degrees my complexion would look smoother, glowier, younger even. Especially the time when I had my face re-sculpted by a super skilled aesthetician extraordinare from a cult French beauty company. Not only did I have new cheekbones, I also looked younger, less crumpled and tired. Yet while I loved the result, I must admit, I was never dedicated enough to keep up the treatments. Ultimately, I realised it was not a comfortable sensation, it felt as though I were tensing up against the electrical current from the machine being used and it created a not-so-lovely metallic taste in my mouth.

Several years prior to that, I’d had the worst facial experience. The time when a rookie therapist dug around my pores so much I came out looking as though I’d had an acne break-out (my skin was prone to spots at the time, but never that bad). I was scarred by the experience – for weeks afterwards I had red raw spots which not only marked the surface of my skin, Read More…