The Dr Behind Everyone’s A-List Pouts Launches Lip Plumping Products: Stock up now before they sell out – Chloe Burcham


Lusting after big lips is not a new phenomenon. Granted, Kylie Jenner might’ve got everyone on instagram talking about pillowy pouts but from 90s Angelina Jolie to 00s RiRi: juicy lips have always been at the top of people’s wish lists. But now, whether it’s down to fillers, plumpers or a Snapchat filter that gives you that puckered up pout – it seems like everyone is after XXL lips.

And no one knows lips like award-winning cosmetic doctor Dr Esho of The ESHO Clinic. He’s the man behind all the celebs plumped up pouts and now, he’s launching his own lip line.

Move over Kylie Cosmetics… Dr Esho is here.


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These Just-Launched Lip Products From Deciem Will Give You The Perfect Pout – Alice Casely-Hayford


Whether you put it down to Kylie Jenner, the boom of beauty bloggers or Instagram in general, in 2017, we’re all obsessed with lips. While 2016 was the year of the brow, now we’re over-lining our mouths, trying non-invasive alternatives to lip-fillers and plumping our pouts in a multitude of ways. However, if you’re still on a quest to find the perfect lip product that will make your lips look their most luscious and full yet still natural, your search may be over, thanks to a new launch from cult beauty brand Deciem available from today.

The new lip-focused release from Esho by Deciem is a range of highly advanced treatments developed through a collaboration between the disruptive beauty brand and Dr Tijion Esho, a renowned industry leader in the area of non-surgical aesthetic medicine with a specific expertise in lips. Esho owns his own clinics, features as a TV doctor on E4’s Body Fixers and pioneered the ‘Instagram’ lip, creating outstanding natural results that have made him one of the most influential people in the aesthetics industry. Read More…

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