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Which Vitamins and supplements should we take and which can we leave? Shabir Daya, pharmacist and co-founder of victoriahealth.com, explains how to supplement well


  • I believe that a multivitamin is the first point of call and I would consider it as bridging the gap between food and a possible deficiency within the body. Think of it as an insurance policy in case a deficiency exists. Seek out one that closely resembles where vitamins come from – that’s to say, food. Synthetically produced vitamins aren’t as beneficial to the body as those from wholefood sources. I recommend Nature’s Way Alive! Daily Multivitamin Ultra Potency.

    After taking a multi-vitamin for a few weeks, gradually introduce probiotics such as Food Science Of Vermont Mega Probiotic ND and/or other supplements (perhaps turmeric, to fight cell mutation, and vitamin D3 – every gland in the body has a Vitamin D receptor). By following this slow regimen, it allows you to gauge if and which of the supplements have made a difference to you.

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  • In Fiore Pur Face Oil Concentré

    In Fiore Pur Face Oil Concentré

    Sorry to be the angel of doom but the fact is, the days are darkening, the air is sharpening and your skin — probably — is noticing. It’ll be slightly unsettled. Obtuse, even. Maybe make-up won’t settle (in which case try Smashbox’s Hydrating Primer), maybe there are dry patches or maybe there are spots. It’s a sad truth that one is never too old for spots.

    Here’s what I want to say: facial oil does not give you spots. Do not be afraid of it. It is a powerful ally and friend. Spots tend to come from within. The culprits may be hormones or toxins or stress, and the right facial oil can be your partner in combating dermal disruption. Oil need not be grease. Oil can be nectar.

    In Fiore Pur is my Exhibit A in proving that facial oils can rebalance spotty, troubled skin. This modern apothecary range blends pure oils and floral absolutes to harness botanical power. It is an iron fist in a velvety, flowery glove — perfectly delightful to use but it means business; a lightly moisturising tool that refines pores and works to reduce the excess sebum production that creates problems.

    So, as the autumn chill starts to nibble and gnaw at your face, this stuff is a like layer of love. And layers, in skincare as in fashion, are your elegant arsenal against the elements. Think of it as a kind of cashmere jumper for trans-seasonal skin. In Fiore Pur Face Oil Concentré, £55.

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