Coffee Culture

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From memory, there are approximately six independent coffee shops within the first block of my local High Street – usually packed with neighborhood hipsters hot-desking on their laptops. Good job I’m a coffee fan – although I’ve had some caffeine driven highs and health lows along the way. At worst, I was relying on it as a prop to energise me through a busy lifestyle with lots of deadlines. But not even nauseating caffeine withdrawal headaches, or the jittery, edgy feeling of having had one cup too many could change the way I felt about a good cuppa when I was in the throes of my habit. Read More…

How To Improve Your Energy

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Where to start on an article about energy? I’m referring to the good vibes that flow on a sunny day when everything just clicks into place and turns out better than you might ever have hoped for. It’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a while because learning to harness good energy has had the most profoundly positive effect on my life and yet I’m conscious that it’s often referred to either in a spiritual or religious context (off putting for some) or in language that can sound “away with the fairies”.

And yet, good energy – the sort that makes everything better is something we can all create ourselves whether we are religious or not. Call it kindness or goodness if that makes it more palatable but once you’ve worked out how to create more of it and use it, I’m pretty sure the happiness and quality of your life will increase tenfold. Read More…

Energy Boosting


Steve Mellor and James Osborn of are the hottest trainers around and responsible for motivating and building strong, lean and healthy bodies for their clients, as well as being nutritional experts. They have been signed up as the fitness bloggers for Harper’s Bazaar and were recently credited in Vogue as being ‘training perfection’. This month they talk about energy boosting and top training tips:

If there’s one thing that can really damage adherence to an exercise programme it’s deficiencies in energy. That feeling of lethargy we’ve all been familiar with at some point in our lives is a master at turning the best intentions and highest levels of motivation into an evening slumped on the sofa yawning our way through another TV series.

Despite this, very few of us think to address the problem of fatigue and take actions to remedy it, much like we would think to treat the flu or an illness. Instead we ignore it, attributing it to a bad night’s sleep, hard day at work or a late night. Suddenly you’re four weeks down the line, regularly ditching workouts and not seeing the results you should.

The fact is, in the majority of cases, constant fatigue is a condition of lifestyle, much like obesity or type 2 diabetes. Subsequently, just like obesity or type 2 diabetes, low levels of energy can be treated with small changes in the way we live our lives.
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