Gill Meets Kazu Namise of Phylia de M.


Kazu Namise is the Founder & CEO of Phylia de M., which is based on the philosophy, science and life’s work, of scientist and her godfather, Dr Dick Miyayama.

When did you first decide to create products founded on Dr Miyayama’s research?

I’ve been using the formula since I was 19 and it immediately made a big difference and has continued to improve my hair ever since! For about seven years following university, I worked for my godparent’s brand in Japan, and during that time, I dreamed of one day branding my favourite selects of their formula range. I left for a few years to get experience in marketing and about two years ago now, I started to feel something inside of me pull me back to their work. In December of 2011, I made the decision to start development of my own line and they gave me their blessing! And voilà, Phylia de M. was born! I am so happy and honored to be able to share the wonderful formula now!

What is your life philosophy?

I’m all about Quality Control – in our most basic needs! Food (what you put both in and on your body), Clothes (the types and style of fabric you wear), and Home (keeping a clean, cozy, and inspiring environment). I believe that being conscientious of the kind of products we put both in and on our bodies is an investment into our best selves, which allows for harmony in self and in community.
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