Rise and Shine


These days I’m definitely a morning person. It happened gradually – I decided the only place I could squeeze in some guaranteed ‘me’ time was by getting up earlier. At first it was just ten minutes, but that soon turned into an hour including a few simple yoga exercises, maybe some breathing and meditation. This gave me a new found appetite for a proper breakfast. Now I find I love the ritual of cooking breakfast and sitting down to eat it properly rather than on the run, and I want to consider and think about what I eat first thing.

And, to my surprise I feel so much healthier for it. I have more energy, I don’t run out of steam by elevensies, grabbing a coffee and pastry to keep me going until lunch. (Which would usually be the case at the office). Also, my appetite seems on a more even keel for the rest of the day. I’m less likely to over eat at lunch or dinner – which would often happen if I’d not eaten breakfast. It was as if my body was feeling cheated, making up for ‘lost’ food. Many scientific studies seem to back this up – it’s been found that eating first thing helps keep our blood sugar balanced; aids our concentration, and, that those who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Read More…