March Newsletter

Potted Daffodils

Hello and welcome to the March newsletter where we will be launching not one, but two new skincare brands. Both are niche, both are specifically targeted and having said that we rarely launch new skincare, I suppose I had better start eating my words as I defy my own rules once again.

Additionally, we have a new product from Nannette de Gaspé, a world-first in sublinguals, a new range of supplements, including a fabulous nootropic (I will explain later) and we take a look at ginger for migraines and castor oil (yes really). Read More…

Facial Massage


If you were to ask us one key piece of beauty advice, we would probably answer: massage your face. Once upon a time, we had a friend who was terrified to touch her face, in case she wrinkled it. Yet the opposite is more true: massaging your face – getting the lymph flowing and the circulation moving – is incredibly good for skin, delivering nutrients, boosting radiance and de-puffing, as the lymph drains away. It’s also fantastically de-stressing, especially massaging the cheek and jaw area where a lot of us unwittingly store tension. (Do an instant check: are your jaws clenched together, as you read this? If so, simply press along the jaw-line right now to remove some of that stress.) Read More…