A Better Form of Vitamin C


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital water soluble vitamin, which the human body cannot manufacture and yet every single cell and tissue within our body requires this nutrient for healthy function and repair. We therefore have to ingest vitamin C through the foods that we consume including vegetables and fruits and by way of supplements. Most of us reach for this vitamin when we have colds or flu however its actions are very widespread.

Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin C is difficult since it is water soluble and hence is excreted out of the body within a very short space of time after ingesting it through food or by way of supplements. Some vitamin C is retained in our body within organs and blood. However, based on current research we simply do not have sufficient vitamin C intake in the first instance, which exposes us to illness. This inability to maintain optimal levels is recognised by scientists all over the world as a limiting factor to its potential benefit in protecting us from chronic health concerns. For years scientists have been looking at ways to boost the impact of vitamin C because of the benefits it provides to our bodies. Read More…