September Newsletter


Welcome to the September newsletter where we are going to rock and roll our way through some new brand and product launches. We have new products from NIOD, Dermasuri, Color Wow and iS Clinical. We have seven (yes seven!) new products from The Ordinary (head examination needed) and a new brand which I’ve kind of flipped over. Additionally, we take a look at Cannabis (of the legal kind), the lymphatic system and stomach issues; there is a low-key celebration too. Let’s do it:

RE:Pigment (RP) by NIOD

Please believe me when I tell you that RE:Pigment was one of the very first products we were going to release after the core NIOD launch of CAIS and MMHC. Except we didn’t and the reason we didn’t is because we knew about some core active brightening and supporting technologies, which were not yet available and so we waited. Patience is a virtue and so I became virtuous because NIOD has a ‘conquer all’ DNA, which remains so very important to me and Brandon over and above all else. Read More…



Cranberry extract can help prevent bacterial cystitis. But many cranberry drinks contain sugar, which encourages bacterial growth. New research shows that the sugar-free supplement Cysticlean, which has high levels of active antibacterial compounds, suits women with frequent urinary tract infections and is very effective. £24.99.


Nina Barough, 58, founder and CEO of Walk the Walk.

In 1996 I got 12 friends together to power walk the New York City Marathon in decorated bras to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. That became Walk the Walk ( At the time, I didn’t know anyone with the disease, I had never done a marathon or any fundraising – I literally dreamt up the idea of power-walking a marathon in a bra for breast cancer. Read More…

What’s the best way to soothe cystitis?


Q: I have recurrent cystitis for which the GP prescribes antibiotics. I am confused about whether or not cranberry juice would help.

A: It depends on the type of cystitis. I am guessing that it is bacterial cystitis (BC), the most common type.

BC is an inflammation of the bladder caused by bacteria. Possible causes include sexual activity, weight gain, wearing thongs, changes to the vaginal flora (eg, after menopause), diabetes (the increased sugar in diabetic urine encourages bacteria to grow), poor bladder emptying or hygiene and pregnancy.

Symptoms of BC include burning or stinging pain when urinating, frequent need to pass small amounts, feeling of urgency even when the bladder is empty, cloudy urine which may have a strong odour. Read More…