Gill Meets Ken Paves


You are arguably the most recognisable hair stylist in America; Oprah Winfrey has called you the ‘big Kahuna of Hollywood hair’. How did your journey begin?

I used to love working on my Mother and always wanted her to feel beautiful about herself – I realised I had a gift and wanted to do it for other people, too. I grew up in Michigan before, with the full support of my parents, going on to work for Oribe in Miami – I was earning $75 a week and working every single moment. But I loved it. I then went on to work in New York – firstly, in the fashion world, which led on to working with celebrities. I knew with hard work and passion that I could work successfully in the job I love.

On from that, you are dubbed by the media as ‘the hottest hairdresser in Hollywood’ and are Creative Consultant to Color Wow. Can you tell me a little about your role.

I’ve known John (Frieda) and Gail (Federici) for a number of years and they sent me the products to try. I happened to be travelling in Asia with Victoria and her team at the time and everyone was – literally – wow’d! These are incredible products and, when Gail asked if I might work with them as an ambassador, I was honoured. Read More…