The Molecule That Could Reduce Your Anxiety


Ever heard of neurotrophin-3? We hadn’t either up until a couple of weeks ago. But, if you regularly battle with bouts of anxiety then it’s a molecule worth learning about. According to a new study neurotrophin-3, or a lack of it, plays a key role in how and if we respond to outside threats. Read More…

What Is Niksen And Will It Help Your Stress Levels?


Stress is a mammoth health and wellness topic. We are all told on what feels like a daily basis that we haven’t struck the work-life balance and our stress levels are dangerously high. Yoga studios are popping up left, right and centre and there are enough mindfulness apps available to keep you  busy for five days straight – if you had the time. Interestingly, research by the University College London and the University of Bath recently questioned the success of such apps when a small study found that playing Block! Hexa Puzzle game left participants feeling less stressed and more energised than HeadSpace. Read More…

How I Cope With Stress


There are times in life when what’s going on threatens to send someone off the top of the stress-o-meter, and this has been one of them for me. I’ve a ‘fragrant’ new venture launching mid-May (Gill will be keeping you informed about that one!), which threatens to have me running on empty if I’m not careful. (So I have to be.) Throw into that the loss of two people I held very dear, adding grief to the mix – and well, I’d be forgiven for crumpling into a pile in the corner. But over the years I’ve learned a ‘regime’ which can give me inner strength (more of which anon), and keep me going through tough times. I’m pretty sure it would work for most of you, too, so here goes.

I’m OK if I’m sleeping. Which of course doesn’t come automatically, at times like this. There’s the not-being-able-to-get-to-sleep type of insomnia (that’s the bereavements), and the waking-up-at-2 -a.m.-mind-whirring type of insomnia, with the risk of lying there feeling overwhelmed at all that still has to be done before my project launch. Without wanting to sound like a stuck CD here, Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil has always been my staple for nudging me sleep-wards – but some time ago I explained to Aromatherapy Associates founder Geraldine Howard that I don’t always bathe before bedtime, and so can’t always experience the knock-out effect (literally) of the oils. Read More…