How To Deal With Emotional Stress

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Amongst all the self-help books clamouring to make you happier and banish negativity, Chinese wisdom is a lone voice of dissent. Because if you listen, it will tell you that it’s not natural, healthy, or even desirable to always be happy. It’s not only ok to be sad, or angry – it’s actually healthy. Chinese wisdom gently advises that all emotions are healthy for us and simply part of the tapestry of life. It’s too much emotion – of any kind – that is bad for our health. 

The Chinese way considers wild emotion to be addictive, distracting and bad for our health. Huge value is placed on peace, quiet joy, mindfulness and contentment. Read More…

Chronic Inflammation


Q I am 21 and suffer from extreme facial flushing and swelling. I have seen various doctors and tried different treatments in vain.

A The underlying problem in such conditions is chronic inflammation. Naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib ( recommends:

  • An anti-inflammatory diet, organic if possible, with oily fish, bright-coloured vegetables and fruit, olive oil, ginger and turmeric; drink digestion-boosting aloe vera juice and use filtered water.
  • Food sensitivities may exacerbate the problem, so do check if the flushing is worse after certain foods or drinks. (Rosacea is notoriously susceptible to alcohol, for instance.)
  • An imbalance of gut flora – the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria – is common. Pharmacist Shabir Daya recommends taking Mega Probiotic ND (£18.50 for 60 capsules) and detoxing turmeric in the form of Super Bio-Curcumin (£27.75 for 60 capsules), and applying Sheald Recovery Balm (£43 for 60ml).


Sabine de Tscharner, 44, perfumer with international company Firmenich Read More…