October Newsletter


Welcome to the October newsletter where for the second month running we globally launch a new brand; the brand is Stemm, it is another concept from DECIEM, it is another journey and once again it changes everything. We also launch the third yešti product within NIOD and we do an update on The Ordinary. We take another look at Psychobiotics with the launch of an exciting new supplement and there is news of a product death, well it is really a semi-death and I think it will surprise many of you. Also on this newsletter, a new product launch from Sarah Chapman, it comes with a gift, but for now let’s do Stemm:


Three products. Three products that will change everything again. In concept Stemm carries the same message as NIOD, it is extraordinary and extraordinary is rather rare. As with NIOD, Stemm launches on a health platform and as with NIOD the Stemm experience may leave you pretty astounded because all three products are completely sensational and I actually cannot and will not live without them. Together with Brandon, I write and give you the Stemm Collection: Read More…

September Newsletter


Welcome to the September newsletter where we globally launch a new skincare brand, The Ordinary. After that I need to report that there has been an uprising amongst us and I introduce you to Mastic Must, the newest product from NIOD. I also write about a product which hasn’t been released yet, but became an overnight bestseller and we release another Kerecis product, the third in the series from this amazing Icelandic medical brand. Somewhere amongst all of this is a treat and we also throw the focus on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). But first, The Ordinary:

The Ordinary

The Ordinary was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form. Its birth indirectly celebrates The Extraordinary. The Ordinary is the third skincare concept to be launched under the DECIEM umbrella, following Hylamide and NIOD.

Hylamide and NIOD both launched last year; both were exceptional skincare ranges and both were destined to change everything in the beauty industry. Both were pioneering in their individual ways and as Hylamide was designed to serve a broader audience, NIOD was niche. I am often asked the difference between the two and it is very simple, whereas Hylamide may have five advanced technologies in any given formulation, NIOD will have eleven; whereas some of the Hylamide products will give more rapid results, the core NIOD products are formulated for the longer-term, concentrating on the health and integrity of our skin. We could have launched both, but we didn’t. We chose NIOD. Read More…

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic fatigue syndrome affects millions of people around the world and yet, this is one of the most misunderstood concerns with many myths surrounding it. The most common myth is that it is often viewed as a mental disorder or “yuppie flu”. However, most experts now agree that chronic fatigue syndrome is a distinct disease with very specific symptoms.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an illness characterised by persistent medically unexplained fatigue not relieved by rest. Other symptoms of chronic fatigue include muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain, bowel problems, unexplained headaches, poor sleep quality, inability to concentrate and feelings of hot and cold due to poor temperature control. Read More…

Adrenal Stress


Adrenal stress is the modern misunderstood syndrome that affects most of us to varying degrees. Stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, can stimulate a cascade of hormone production by the adrenals which includes adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

Adrenaline is the most famous of the three stress hormones and acts like an ‘upper’ helping to enhance the function of all our body’s systems in order to meet the demands of stress such as circulation. Noradrenaline is the body’s modulating hormone working to keep us revved up without causing stress to our body’s systems including the heart. Cortisol is the body’s ‘downer’ working to bring the body back into its normal healthy state when it has been revved up for too long or once the stressor has gone away. Read More…

Understanding Tiredness, Fatigue And Exhaustion

vitamins for energy

It is perfectly normal for people to feel tired especially when they are feeling slightly run down and cannot cope with the pace of life. Often, we use the terms tired, fatigue and exhaustion interchangeably for what we are experiencing and yet in medical terms they are very distinct.

Tiredness differs from fatigue in that although you may not feel it, the body still has some energy in reserve which it can tap into in the case of an emergency. The symptoms of tiredness include weakness of the muscles, heaviness, forgetfulness, impatience often leading to irritability. Tiredness is very common especially if you have had a hard day at work, or if you are simply feeling a bit under the weather and have not had the time to relax and recuperate. Most of the time, this can be addressed by resting for a few hours allowing the body to recover. Read More…