Why You Might Be Constipated And Not Know It


If I asked you when the last time you were constipated it’s likely that you’d think back to the last time you hadn’t been to the loo for a few days. It could have been when you were having a particularly stressful time at work or maybe the first few days of your holiday when your bowels were readjusting after the change in air pressure on the plane. Whatever the cause, it’s likely that it was a when your bowel movements had stalled for days, your tummy had bloated and you suffered with cramps. Read More…

The Link Between Depression And Constipation


Over the past few years research has continued to flag up the importance of having a healthy, balanced gut. The latest study might be of interest for those who suffer with depression and constipation. While discussing depression might have become more socially acceptable, there is still a stigma attached to speaking freely about our bowel movements, or lack of. Read More…

In need of a Fibre Fix?


A reader who had chronic constipation despite consuming lots of water and vegetables recommends Complete Fiber Cleanse. ‘It works effectively without giving me a headache, unlike remedies from the chemist.’ Pharmacist Shabir Daya says it is safe to take long term. It costs £21.00 for 168g (mix with water).

Extra care for hair

Hair loss (alopecia) affects about eight million women in the UK and is invariably distressing. One of the most common types, particularly in older women, is all-over thinning known as androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness), which seldom improves on its own. A colleague of mine, now in her 50s, started suffering post-menopause. After trying various over-the-counter supplements and haircare products, she consulted trichologist Philip Kingsley’s London clinic. Here’s her report.

‘My hair used to be so thick that a man on the tube once said, “Please get it out of my face”. It started to deflate after the menopause, then one day I noticed glimpses of pink scalp. Holding mirrors over my head revealed a general thinning.

‘For a while, I tried different pills and potions, which made virtually no difference. Feeling desperate, I remembered that when my mother had some hair loss she found help from Philip Kingsley’s clinic, so I booked an appointment. First came a consultation with trichologist Carole Michaelides. We discussed my general health, diet and fitness (tick, tick, tick). Carole explained that in my case the problem was lower oestrogen levels and simply getting older. Read More…